Moving On

Hello my fellow WordPress users and followers, I have been absent from this blog for a reason and I am here to share this with you today. I have ultimately decided to start my blog from scratch on a whole new platform. I am sad to say the vision I had for my personal blog … Continue reading Moving On


Hustle and Bustle

Hello avid readers, I hope your holidays were merry and bright, with a little kiss under the mistletoe at night! Now that the Christmas hustle and bustle is over with, I want to discuss some of the fun and non-fun aspects of my week. The adventure began this past weekend on Saturday, when my stepdad … Continue reading Hustle and Bustle

2 Weeks Dairy Free – My Experience

Two days ago marked 14 days of me going dairy free - I am so proud of myself and so happy with my results. On day one of deciding to go dairy free, my cystic acne across my chin was newly formed and super inflamed. My skin was unhappy and bright red like a Christmas … Continue reading 2 Weeks Dairy Free – My Experience

True Meaning of Cookie Day

This year I have been thankful for a lot, but nothing made me feel as warm and accepted as when I had been invited to cookie day. Cookie day is where my boyfriend's one side of the family gets together and bakes large amounts of various cookies - the catch is - it's an all … Continue reading True Meaning of Cookie Day

1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go

Quick post - Today was my last full day on campus for the first semester and the bittersweet feeling hit me like a brick. I am so glad finals are over and so ready to begin my next set of classes, but my freshman year is already going by so fast. I wish time would … Continue reading 1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go

Story of How 2 Hours Felt Like a Lifetime

To begin - no this is not a very serious post. However, the amount of weird and odd things that occurred today has legitimately blown my mind. It all started when my roommate Courtney needed to ship back her textbooks and I offered to go with to give directions to the UPS store that I … Continue reading Story of How 2 Hours Felt Like a Lifetime

Midnight Tea

Yes - though this is titled "Midnight Tea", I did not consume my tea at 12 o'clock on the dot. Currently I am drinking my "Nighty Night" tea by Traditional Medicinals to help relax myself before going to sleep. I highly suggest using "Nighty Night" for an organic way to help aid your sleep. Though … Continue reading Midnight Tea

Magical Trip to Lancaster, PA

Hello everyone! Last Saturday was full of unexpected surprises and I wanted to share the enchanting details of it all. 🙂 For those who don't know, Lancaster is approximately 50 minutes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's State Capitol. My roommates and I never quite considered the thought of taking a trip to Lancaster until I stumbled upon  … Continue reading Magical Trip to Lancaster, PA

Creativity’s Flow

If you are reading this post right now: Hi, how are you? I hope you are good, as I am doing swell too. Whether this is the first time you are visiting my blog, or not, I'd like to share the thoughts that have been bubbling in my brain the past week. I have felt … Continue reading Creativity’s Flow

Milestone Celebration

I am very excited to share that thanks to Success Inspirers' World, I have reached my milestone of 100 followers on WordPress! 🙂 Without my followers, I would not be where I am today. That goes to family and friends who also read my content through social media (who don't have WordPress accounts) as well. … Continue reading Milestone Celebration