An Unexpected Visit

Last Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 AM – got dressed, ate a donut, and headed out into the crisp mountain air with my roommate to deliver a “package” to two people who I adore.

Courtney’s dog and I as we prepare to head out!

Before I get into that – they say that life works in mysterious ways. Recently life has been knocking my soul around, showing me signs of divine guidance; This spiritual feeling of “angel guidance” was rekindled about two weeks ago, when a random idea spat out of my mouth to my roommate without even thinking:

“Can I go home with you this weekend?”

A question so simple, yet I have no idea where it had come from.

This past summer, my roommate Courtney and I started messaging each other through social media, realized we had enough in common and requested to room together.

As the first month of school unraveled, we also unraveled more and more similarities that sort of opened our eyes to how life works mysteriously – possibly guided by something spiritually.

Courtney is from a small town about 10 minutes from where my grandparents live, a place that a lot of people would respond – “I’ve never heard of it before”.

So, to us, the chances of her living so close to my grandparents was baffling. Every summer since we were little, we had been on the same exact fair grounds without even knowing it – I have even driven by her house numerous times.

So back to my question – those words slipped out of my mouth so fast and of course Courtney accepted without questioning it. As I sat and started to think, I got a feeling of utter happiness – I could completely surprise my grandparents this weekend.

Surprising my grandparents would be something I have never, ever done – since they live about four hours away from my hometown, it is hard to make time to see them (especially with my summer job I had this past year).

So, after our tennis practice on Friday night (yes, Courtney and I even play tennis together) we packed our bags and headed to her home. Some may say that going on a three-hour car ride, spending two nights sharing a bed, and meeting their family after only about a month of knowing them is odd – but honestly, it felt so natural.

As we braced the crisp Saturday morning to drop me off at my grandparents, I would have never expected the emotional and spiritual reaction I was about to face.

As I rang their door bell, hazelnut coffee grounds in hand for my mom mom (her favorite), I began to feel that overwhelming wholeness run through my body.

My pop pop opened the door, looked at me with open arms, and said “Is it really you?”, that overwhelming feeling hit me like a truck.

The feeling of love was so incredibly awesome as “happy” tears strolled down his face and he continued to embrace me in a bear hug (I have never seen my pop pop cry before).

The rest of the day was an absolute blast filled with a big breakfast, antique shopping, and going out to dinner including Courtney.

A set of antiques I though looked pretty.

My love for my grandparents grew more than I thought was humanly possible.

And to think, this whole day of love and spiritual healing began with the random question that came out of my mouth – as if someone else was controlling my thoughts and actions.

Another spiritual and amazing symbolism I endured that week was when Courtney and I arrived home after a long tennis match away (before I visited my grandparents).

Outside of our dorm room, something big caught Courtney’s eye and that “something” was absolutely gorgeous.

Dragonfly outside of our dorm room.

Right in front of me was the biggest dragonfly I have ever seen in my entire life. I was in complete shock and in that moment, I knew something BIG was about to change in my life. The dragonfly appearance also reaffirmed that I needed to go home with Courtney to see my grandparents.

Now, as I sit here and write this blog post, I believe that the “big change” has something to do with how I view family matters and my spirituality. I have already started digging deeper within myself and only expect more to come.


Last Day of Work Thoughts

Today marks the official last day of work at the Town and Country Newspaper for me.

I rolled out of bed around 6:30 this morning, showered, did the usual makeup routine, and headed out the door.

I decided I wanted to do something nice for the people who welcomed me back to work alongside them for another summer.

I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought a dozen donuts to share with the office and I was happy.

Not happy that work was over for the summer, but happy due to where I am in life.

Last night, my mom stumbled across a book I made when I was only 9 years old and something I had written down in it struck me as simply “wow”.

Under the “About Me” title, I stated that when I grow up – I wanted to be an actress or journalist.

IMG_6745 (1)
“Journalist” in orange writing of the last line.

Since I was 9, I have wanted to be a freaking journalist and now I am one. (I also wanted to be an actress, but that dream died after joining my middle school play of Robin Hood in sixth grade!)

I wanted to be a journalist so bad when I was younger I created a newspaper for my neighborhood called “Wiztopia” and a classroom newspaper titled “Peeps Press”, which actually gained enough popularity that my principal allowed me to stay in during recess and create publications for the whole grade level.

In fourth grade, we held a “wax museum” where we chose from a list of notable people who were from Pennsylvania, dressed up as them, and gave biographical blurbs to parents and teachers as they walked by. And of course, I chose a famous journalist (who I am trying so hard to remember and find pictures of me dressed up as!)

In middle school, I was apart of the school newspaper, “Jefferson Street Journal”, which met after school.

In high school, I took a journalism/mass media class and wrote for the school newspaper edition called “Tribal Tribune”. I also landed an internship at the Town and Country Newspaper during my junior year (with the help of my favorite teacher – thanks Q!)

I never realized what a huge impact this passion had on my soul, it’s as if this is my destiny, and I didn’t quite understand until I walked in the office doors this morning holding a box of donuts for my coworkers.

I am happy, as well as, proud. 

“Wait, What’s Your Major?”

This is a question I get a lot, especially during the summer as college gets closer (8 days away!).

As of right now, I am majoring in Sociology and minoring in Journalism/Communications.

For those who don’t know, Sociology is the study of development, structure, and functioning of human society. AKA, the “sister” study of Psychology.

I decided to choose Sociology as my major and not Journalism for multiple reasons:

  1. A Sociology degree lays the groundwork for various fields (Social Work, Public Relations, Urban Planning, etc.)
  2. I took a Sociology class my junior year and loved it/got good grades
  3. Journalism, at this time and age, is highly criticized and I was afraid of what the field would be like four years from now
  4. I was hoping to possibly blend my major and minor into a single career
  5. My desired college/living location (Journalism flourishes in big cities and towns, I am a small town kind of gal)

Picking Sociology as my major and Journalism as my minor also helped me choose what college location I wanted.

I desired a small school with decent amount of people (no less than 1,000 but no more than 10,000) located somewhere that could be considered suburban or rural.

Penn State Harrisburg fits that bill completely. Located eight miles outside of the Pennsylvania state capital Harrisburg with approx. 5,000 students enrolled, I can have the small town feel yet go to an urban scene if I wanted.

Being so close to Harrisburg also allows me to either take the government/social work route or public relations/journalist path with whichever one I desired.

So yes, I majored in Sociology. Let’s face it, I can easily change my major after my first year if I decide to! 🙂

The Awesome Blogger Award

The sweet soul I introduced before, lifeonplanetearth2017, nominated me for yet another blogger award and I am so happy!!!


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers
  • Give your nominees 10 new questions
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  • If you are granted one wish, what would you wish for?
    • I would wish for a free college education. I just looked at my financial aid one more time along with my loans, and oh boy. Also, I would wish for a window seat in my dorm room so I could read against the window.
  • Who/what has inspired you the most?
    •  I wouldn’t say a single person or event inspires me, over time it has been a tiny bit of everything that has inspired me to what I want to do in life.
  • What is your daily mantra?
    • “I honor my spirit and trust my vibes” or “with change comes opportunity”
  • What do you like the most about yourself?
    • What I like the most about myself is my ability to not give in to peer pressure. I know what I am comfortable and not comfortable with.
  • What do you do when you want to relax yourself?
    • When I want to relax, I normally go in my room or somewhere by myself. I like to have candles lit as well, maybe read or write depending on my mood.
  • One song that describes your life right now.
  • What do you fear the most?
    • If I am going to be honest, death scares me the most, along with natural disasters.
  • What do you think is the best thing that could happen to you right now?
    • If I was given lots of money or a cat (I really want a cat)
  • How do you describe yourself?
    • I would like to think I am a kind person, who tries to balance everything, but I am not perfect. I would say I am a mix of bubbly and shy almost.
  • If you could live the rest of your life in an anime, or a movie what would it be and why?
    • Dragon Ball Z for an anime! My boyfriend got me involved with the series and I have learned to love/appreciate it. Plus the characters are pretty bada**! As for a movie, I would love to live in the world of Brother Bear. That is my absolute favorite Disney movie.

I Nominate:

My Questions:

  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. Coffee, tea, or water and why?
  3. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
  4. What movie or TV show can you watch over and over?
  5. What do you value most in life?
  6. What interests you?
  7. Why do you continue to blog?
  8. Favorite food?
  9. Unusual fact about you?
  10. If you could meet one celebrity,who would it be?

Can’t wait to see your responses! 🙂

A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Saturday night, my cousin and his girlfriend were heading to a concert in Camden and asked if I could watch their new puppy, Coco.

Of course I was delighted, a whole night of puppy time. However, I got an unexpected surprise out of the visit.

My cousin and his girlfriend recently moved in to my grandparent’s old house. A house that I once lived in too, (for approximately one summer and month going into 5th grade.)

My parents at the time thought it was a great idea, having a big yard and in-ground pool. After some time though, with our old house still on the market and rough period adjusting to new schools and community, we moved back.

And while I was walking Coco through the big backyard that cool Saturday night, nostalgia hit me.

I remembered vividly going down the edge of the property where the creek sat when I was a kid, finding “cool” rocks, pretending to be damsel in distress, and trying to lure the outside cat Misty to the water.

I remembered the sound of the lightly flowing creek that now sits patiently still among the fallen tree limbs and overgrown plants at its edge.

The aged volleyball net and tether ball game we use to play on hot summer days, gone. All five fury kittens that Misty had and I loved dearly, gone.

However, despite the waves of nostalgia, I felt content with Coco prancing by my side.

This house always made me feel content in some way, – this was the house that my mother and her siblings grew up in, it was a house of memories and love.

I had not realized how much this property had changed over the past seven years, for I had not realized how much I have changed these past seven years.

In that moment I felt as old as this house. I felt all the old memories, the laughter and joy, the egg hunt activities on Easter, the hot summer days spent lounging in the pool – I felt it all.

As I sit here writing this post, I have exactly eleven days until move in and my unexpected gift that I didn’t know I needed was this trip down memory lane, one last time.

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Afternoon Thunderstorms

I’ll be quite frank, I am a complete anxious mess when it comes to thunderstorms.

My fear or anxiety of thunderstorms doesn’t have a direct root, no childhood memory that drives this unreasonable feeling. (Maybe it is the loud thunder, who knows)

The anxiety flares as soon as I hear the weatherman say anything about a severe thunderstorm or that obnoxious beeping warning that appears on my phone, radio, or TV.

When storms arrive, my instincts are to hide under a blanket and watch shows I enjoy to take my mind off of the hell that is going outside my door.

Today, I couldn’t do that as I watched hail pound the ground through the big office window at work.

Eventually, the hail chunks turned into pouring rain that monstrous winds blew sideways.

I put my “big girl pants” on and dealt with it, kept working, and forced my anxiety down.

Seems silly, but I am proud of myself. Feels like a mini accomplishment for not letting my anxiety control my thoughts. 🙂

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Starbucks, Makeup, & Pizza

I am 99.9% sure I lived every young girl’s ideal activities yesterday.

After I got done work I met up with my friend Heather, someone I should have hung out with outside of school way before this summer, and we had two things in mind:

  1. Get the Starbucks “pink drink”
  2. Shop for makeup at Ulta (pretty basic, right?)

Even if it was “basic” I had a blast, besides endlessly scratching the mosquito bites I received from fishing the night before.

I had Heather show me around Ulta, basically guiding me to products that would benefit me most and help me crush the gift card I had (I’ll admit it, I don’t know much about makeup at all).

I learned a lot by spending the afternoon with Heather and I am so glad we could fit it into my schedule.

Later that night, I camped out with my long time best-friend Jamie.

The night was filled with endless giggles over dumb YouTube videos, along with, our tradition of ordering Domino’s pizza.

I also did see a dragonfly around Jamie and I at one part of the night, but I kept that to myself.

It was days like this that make me realize that friendships are valuable and do need polishing sometimes, you get what you give and not every friendship is perfect.

The day was also symbolic of making new friends all the while still being connected to those that have been there since elementary, almost similar to what I will be encountering once college starts.

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Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Last night around 7 p.m., my boyfriend and I went fishing at one of our favorite spots along our local creek, a  huge rock that we like to call our “special/secret place” (trust me, we know it isn’t very secret)

The water was high and muddy, due to recent storms, but overall in good enough condition to amateur fish.

We took turns casting from different angles on the rock, all the while giggling and making jokes as to how lucky we were for catching our twentieth sunny within a matter of minutes and me somewhat struggling to unhook the fish.

The highlight of the evening was my boyfriend’s wide smile when he reeled in the first non-sunny of the batch, a Rock Bass, to be precise.

dd (2).png

Despite swarms of nats, endless mosquito bites, and the occasional fishing line knots, it was a peaceful night.

The sun was setting, the moon rising, and dragonflies bounced around the fishing lines (it was almost  heavenly). I would do it all again in a heartbeat. 🙂

Do you enjoy fishing? Let me know in the comments.

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Milestone Celebration

Hello everyone, I woke up to a very kind surprise that I would like to share with the blogging universe.

I now have, officially, over 50 followers!! 🙂

This may seem like a small accomplishment, I believe it still needs to be celebrated.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and follow my blog. You have helped me build the foundation and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Shout out to The Wine Wankers for being my 50th follower. Go check out their blog sometime.

Autumn, I Miss You

The past two mornings have been refreshing – cool and breezy – and it is torturing me.

Summer is thrilling as a kid, but after countless cycles of blistering heat followed by nasty thunderstorms,  I get sick of it. I am constantly sweating if I am not enclosed in an air-conditioned space and my hair is a frizzy disaster (girls may understand this more so). 😦

However, the past two mornings have felt more like fall/autumn weather, my absolute favorite season and I am beyond excited.

There are so many things that fall encompasses (just to name a few):

  1. Corn Mazes
  2. Halloween
  3. Pumpkin Patches
  4. Bonfires
  5. Football Season
  6. Sweaters
  7. Oversized scarves
  8. Pumpkin spice lattes
  9. Thanksgiving
  10. Rain boots

Not only that, but fall has always symbolized the start of something new or the turning of a leaf.

There is also something magical about a breezy autumn day, with sunshine breaking through an array of golden leafs, while wearing traditional blue jeans, and rain boots.

On those days, I tend to sit out back of my house with freshly brewed coffee and read my books or go outside and take thousands of pictures.

My question to you is, why do you love or enjoy fall? Let me know in the comments!

With that being said, I am so ready for fall to begin.