Moving On

Hello my fellow WordPress users and followers, I have been absent from this blog for a reason and I am here to share this with you today. I have ultimately decided to start my blog from scratch on a whole new platform. I am sad to say the vision I had for my personal blog … Continue reading Moving On


1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go

Quick post - Today was my last full day on campus for the first semester and the bittersweet feeling hit me like a brick. I am so glad finals are over and so ready to begin my next set of classes, but my freshman year is already going by so fast. I wish time would … Continue reading 1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go

Story of How 2 Hours Felt Like a Lifetime

To begin - no this is not a very serious post. However, the amount of weird and odd things that occurred today has legitimately blown my mind. It all started when my roommate Courtney needed to ship back her textbooks and I offered to go with to give directions to the UPS store that I … Continue reading Story of How 2 Hours Felt Like a Lifetime

Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone, I wanted to write one more blog post before I begin studying my butt off for finals week! 🙂 Yesterday I experienced my first snowfall while on campus and I was joyful. Regardless of how much I tend to despise snow in the later months of Winter, especially when I am digging my car … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Magical Trip to Lancaster, PA

Hello everyone! Last Saturday was full of unexpected surprises and I wanted to share the enchanting details of it all. 🙂 For those who don't know, Lancaster is approximately 50 minutes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's State Capitol. My roommates and I never quite considered the thought of taking a trip to Lancaster until I stumbled upon  … Continue reading Magical Trip to Lancaster, PA

An Unexpected Visit

Last Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 AM - got dressed, ate a donut, and headed out into the crisp mountain air with my roommate to deliver a "package" to two people who I adore. Before I get into that - they say that life works in mysterious ways. Recently life has been knocking my … Continue reading An Unexpected Visit

The Awesome Blogger Award

The sweet soul I introduced before, lifeonplanetearth2017, nominated me for yet another blogger award and I am so happy!!! NOW FOR THE RULES: Thank the person who nominated you Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader Answer the questions your nominator gave you Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers Give your nominees 10 new questions … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award

A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Saturday night, my cousin and his girlfriend were heading to a concert in Camden and asked if I could watch their new puppy, Coco. Of course I was delighted, a whole night of puppy time. However, I got an unexpected surprise out of the visit. My cousin and his girlfriend recently moved in to … Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane

Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Last night around 7 p.m., my boyfriend and I went fishing at one of our favorite spots along our local creek, a  huge rock that we like to call our "special/secret place" (trust me, we know it isn't very secret) The water was high and muddy, due to recent storms, but overall in good enough … Continue reading Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Milestone Celebration

Hello everyone, I woke up to a very kind surprise that I would like to share with the blogging universe. I now have, officially, over 50 followers!! 🙂 This may seem like a small accomplishment, I believe it still needs to be celebrated. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my … Continue reading Milestone Celebration