A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Saturday night, my cousin and his girlfriend were heading to a concert in Camden and asked if I could watch their new puppy, Coco. Of course I was delighted, a whole night of puppy time. However, I got an unexpected surprise out of the visit. My cousin and his girlfriend recently moved in to … Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane


Autumn, I Miss You

The past two mornings have been refreshing - cool and breezy - and it is torturing me. Summer is thrilling as a kid, but after countless cycles of blistering heat followed by nasty thunderstorms,  I get sick of it. I am constantly sweating if I am not enclosed in an air-conditioned space and my hair … Continue reading Autumn, I Miss You

Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st

So, I spotted my second dragonfly of the summer yesterday afternoon. I saw it fly by when my mom and I were on our way to a dermatologist appointment. For anyone who knows me, I struggle with acne. At the time, I got excited about seeing the dragonfly, but didn't really understand the significance of … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st