Little Things

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting outside on a blanket writing my newest blog post, my Aunt Jen texted me. It was a simple text, but the significance of it touched my heart. It's no secret I admire dragonflies, I think they are beautiful and mysterious. I have a dragonfly decal sticker on my car, … Continue reading Little Things


One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

This past week, the people who I am thankful to call my best friends and I rented a house in Big Bass Lake for one week. Our generation likes to call this, "Senior Week", a time where a group of friends act grown-up, get together for a week full of partying, laughter, and fun. Being … Continue reading One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

Finding Your Passion

It's no secret I love to write. I work for the local newspaper, run two separate blogs, and excel in my Journalism & English classes. However, is writing my destiny? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm still trying to figure out my life purpose, but I do know that writing has become one of my biggest passions. So, what … Continue reading Finding Your Passion

Energy Vampires

When I first created this blog, I was not aware of the stressful and worrisome events that were at the brink of my horizon.  One event led to another - school, work, friends and family problems, college decision-making, - and so much more simply knocked me off course, something I refer to as being under … Continue reading Energy Vampires