Play Ball, Anyone?

On Tuesday night, my boyfriend and I attended a Phillies Game against the Houston Astros. Although we are more hockey fans than baseball (Go Flyers!!), we were excited to be going to the game for a new date night activity together.

We were excited to do all the American baseball classics; eat our jumbo hotdogs and anticipate any and all foul balls that we could possibly obtain.

The night was cloudy with rain droplets scattered, the Astros were well on their way with a lead of 5-0 in the 6th inning. We sat patiently waiting for the Phillies to do anything, more-so anticipating a home-run so that the stadium’s liberty bell would ignite the crowd’s energy.

As we sat and waited for some action, I had to remind myself that we were only sitting in these royal blue seats, because of someone’s kindness. We were only able to enter that stadium, because my boyfriend’s mom’s coworker was giving away her two tickets for free. I do not know the circumstance around the situation, but still, it made me thankful to be able to enjoy a free date night.

Even before this realization occurred, I had a feeling this night was special. For when we parked across from the stadium, a dragonfly flew by my car windshield. Indeed, it was special.

The rest of the night was filled with giggles, accidentally spilling our row neighbor’s beer (don’t worry, we offered $5 to cover it), ice cream, and searching for a baseball to buy as a token for our first baseball game together.

Although the night ended up being a flop for the Phillies, my heart was still happy.




“Yes, I Need Coffee”

Okay, hear me out – I need coffee not to function, but simply due to the fact that I love it.

I love coffee, plain and simple.

Coffee makes me a happy gal and the taste is like no other.

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a cafe, with the coffee ground aroma hitting your nose as the sunlight peeks through the store’s window.

Sitting down with a newspaper, book, or laptop with a freshly brewed latte makes my heart happy and content. This beautiful, yet simple atmosphere makes me feel complete.

I am not ashamed and neither should you.

If you love coffee as much as I do, comment below what makes it so special to you. I would love to know, especially if there is a unique story behind it.

Have a great day and enjoy your coffee fellow wordpress readers!


Appreciating Loved Ones

So, two days ago I had my graduation on my mom’s side and it was hectic. My whole family, boyfriend, and I were running around all day trying to set up since 8 A.M. All I could think about was “Boy, I am tired.”

By the time I showered, picked out a cute outfit, and did my makeup, I realized it was already time for people to start showing up. Considering I had been on my feet all day, I was stressed out.

However, I remembered earlier in the day how a huge dragonfly actually flew into our house due to the back door being wide open and I stopped, stared, and was full of excitement to see the biggest dragonfly I’ve seen this summer. While remembering that feeling of awe and excitement, I thought to myself, “snap out of this mood dude, be happy, everyone coming took time out of their day to celebrate you!”. That’s when I started really forgetting all the trouble throughout the day, getting excited, and greeting people.

My graduation party also taught me another lesson that I hope I won’t forget. That lesson is that I am truly, deeply loved by many, whether it be friends or family. Everyone that showed up had a big smile on their face, an open embrace, and the excitement to talk about my future plans.

Even though I was socially and physically exhausted by the end of the night, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I was more open to people than I have been in a really long time. I left all fear of being socially awkward or embarrassing with the dragonfly that flew out my backdoor before the party.

Again, if you are reading this and attended my party, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to celebrate me and my accomplishments. It means so much to me, truly.  I tried to talk to everyone as much as I could.

To my parents and boyfriend, thank you for dealing with my moodiness when I get overly stressed out like I did at times throughout the day. Thank you for putting so much effort into a party I will never forget and will also be in my heart.

To everyone else, appreciate those beautiful souls who surround you. Pay more attention to them and the things they do for you, always say thank you as well.

Little Things

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting outside on a blanket writing my newest blog post, my Aunt Jen texted me. It was a simple text, but the significance of it touched my heart.

It’s no secret I admire dragonflies, I think they are beautiful and mysterious. I have a dragonfly decal sticker on my car, different items depicting dragonflies, and I even got a dragonfly design on my nails so I knew I had some on me for graduation.

So, to have someone see a dragonfly and think of me, is something really spiritual and amazing. Receiving this text randomly at 1:04 in the afternoon made my day. The moment was great knowing that the dragonfly’s presence made my aunt’s day better too.

The text from my aunt also made me realize how I appreciate random acts of kindness or love. For example, before I dropped my brother off at work today, I took him to Dunkin’ Donuts for a treat. I even tried to pay for the person behind me in line, but to my luck, they had already paid beforehand on their mobile app.

Although I do struggle or complain about always helping out with my immediate family running errands and taking people places, I secretly love knowing that I helped them in a small way and possibly made their life easier.

My advice to you is to do more for others, the rewarding feeling is something to hold onto. Don’t be afraid to randomly text or call someone to say nice things to or to say you miss them.

Life is about the little things and before you know it, you’re going to wish you paid more attention to those little texts and small acts of kindness.


One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

This past week, the people who I am thankful to call my best friends and I rented a house in Big Bass Lake for one week. Our generation likes to call this, “Senior Week”, a time where a group of friends act grown-up, get together for a week full of partying, laughter, and fun.

Being in Big Bass Lake, otherwise known as the Pocono Mountains, my group of friends and I took an unpopular path. Instead of going to the beach, we decided to be adventurous and take a chance with a house on a lake in the middle of nowhere.

As the week went on, reality started to slowly phase in. The people who I spent almost every high school day with – who I laughed, cried, fought, and made memories with – will all go separate ways. The people who built a good chunk of my soul will no longer be there to crack jokes with before class starts or be a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong.

The whole week, to me, symbolized one last final “hoorah” with my best friends. Seven days of pure fun and freedom, a time where we could be ourselves and share another part of our souls.

Needless to say, our house was surrounded by dragonflies. Dragonflies buzzed all around, especially at the lakeside where we rode canoes nd played volleyball. I knew that the dragonflies present at our lake house were no coincidence. 

The dragonflies assured me that growing up and moving on is simply life. Branching out from my high school friends is necessary in order for my soul, our souls, to grow. My best friends and I, all ten of us, are moving onto a huge milestone. A time of change, light in our lives, and new experiences.  However, this does not mean that they are gone forever.

To my best friends – if we lose contact during our college years, know that you are always with me. For you have imprinted your soul onto mine, I will forever be grateful for the time spent together (even if we were fighting). I hope you find people who accept you for who you are and never take them for granted. I love all of you.

To anyone reading this post – I hope this resonated with you in some shape or form. Moving on to bigger and better things is daunting, but have faith. Everything happens for a reason.

Finding Your Passion

It’s no secret I love to write. I work for the local newspaper, run two separate blogs, and excel in my Journalism & English classes.

However, is writing my destiny? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m still trying to figure out my life purpose, but I do know that writing has become one of my biggest passions.

So, what is passion exactly?  According to, passion is defined as;

Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate

Passion is a feeling that overwhelms you, in a good way. Passion makes you want to pick that guitar or violin up and keep learning more notes. Passion is that drive to better your skills, all the while loving the process and results.

For me, writing is my passion because I love the thrill of sharing my thoughts in a creative way. Writing makes me feel confident and I sincerely enjoy the process of overcoming a writer’s block.

Finding your passion should not be a difficult or stressful journey. So, here are some of my suggestions to follow in order to find your passion:

  • Pay attention to what you find enjoyable, even the little things!
  • Don’t go looking for it, let it come to you
  • Listen to what your friends and family say about your talents
  • Passions can be anything, don’t worry if it is unpopular too
  • Think about what gets you excited, or the opposite

Throughout your journey, never give up with your passions



Energy Vampires

When I first created this blog, I was not aware of the stressful and worrisome events that were at the brink of my horizon.  One event led to another – school, work, friends and family problems, college decision-making, – and so much more simply knocked me off course, something I refer to as being under the influence of “energy vampires”. I finally realized I had lost the time, passion, and energy to do what I love most – writing.

I finally broke through my so-called “funk” after reading an article that made me think, “Why have I stopped doing this? Why am I letting so much effect my lifestyle?”. I dedicated tonight to sit down, take the necessary time to revamp my blog’s appearance and to conjure up the ability to type up this post. Even though I am physically tired from today while writing this, I honestly haven’t felt more at peace in a very long time.

Writing opens doors to where I can express my emotions and/or thoughts to people without the anxiety of physically being in their presence. This blog always allowed me to clear my mind, while simultaneously allowing people to connect or share my way of life.

I got so caught up in every little thing the past couple of months, that I allowed my energy to be drained enough to no longer do what I love. When I think about “Energy Vampires”, I personally am talking about anything, living or not, that sucks the energy out of your motivation and commitment. This could be your job, a friend, family member, boss, girlfriend/boyfriend, school, college, – anything that keeps you from continuing your passions or hobbies. It’s common, but I have learned that you cannot let these things stop you from living your life.

Always remember there is an alternate path that can lead you to happiness. Do not be afraid to let go of someone or something, especially when it is in your best interest. Being afraid to stand up for yourself or make that change in lifestyle is your number one enemy. Honestly, just do itChange your career. Go back to college. Tell your coworker how you honestly feel. Tryout for that elite sports team. Drop that immature friend. Do not feel guilty for doing what is best for you.

Be like the dragonfly and make the change !

The Power of Giving

Hi everyone, I found some free time to really sit and think about what I wanted to discuss in this new blog post. So, with Christmas being two days away, I started to remember what it is like to finally be in the “Holiday Spirit” and wanted to share my quick opinion on the topic.

Early this morning, I was able to hand out some presents to my friends and teachers.  However, as the day went on, I realized I had gave more than I had received and I was completely fine with it. The holiday season should not be all about receiving, even if the idea of unwrapping gifts may spark a sense of excitement and thrill.I think we all need to acknowledge that the aspect of giving, even the simple thought of giving something, can mend some hearts and bring us excitement as well. Whether it be a holiday card, scratch off ticket, gift card, piece of clothing, etc., just the fact of knowing that someone thought of you enough to get you a present could make anyone a little cheerier. Not only does it make the other person feel good about themselves, but giving could make you feel better about yourself too. To see each of my friends light up at the sight of their present fueled me to want to give more and I think majority of people reading this would agree it feels pretty amazing to receive a gift you weren’t expecting.

So, with the “Holiday Spirit” in full gear, don’t forget to grab a card (even hand-made one if you are on a tight budget) and thank whoever is present in your life or continually makes your journey a better experience.

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for reading!

Treating Yourself

So, I wanted to write this short blog post on the topic of “Treating Yourself”. I feel as if everyone gets so wrapped up in making other people happy or content, especially parents (of course), that we forget what it is like to actually treat ourselves to what we enjoy. Just yesterday, I decided to go get a gel manicure, order a new journal, and schedule a hair appointment. News flash, I’ve never felt better. 

With being so busy all the time, running here and running there, I forgot what it was like to treat myself to the things I genuinely enjoy. Granted, the things I planned for did cost me money. However, my newly trimmed hair will last me months and my new journal for reporting will last me a long time too. So, with that being said, I think everyone should take this next holiday-filled week to reflect on what makes you happy and do it.  Want to take some time and pick up the newest book you’ve been dying to read? Do it. Feel like you’ve gone too long without your favorite makeup product? Go shopping. Been anxious to purchase that new video game? Buy it.

I am not saying money leads to happiness, but sometimes it is necessary to take the time and money to invest in yourself for once. If you are a hardworking student, coworker, boss, etc., you deserve to “Treat Yo’self” as Donna and Tom would say on Parks and Recreation (great tv show btw).

Image result for parks and rec treat yo self day

—->  <—-

Volunteering Works Wonders

Hello to all, I wanted write this quick blog post about helping others and how great volunteering can be for the community and yourself.

The other night, I was finally able to take time out of my schedule and volunteer for the high school’s LEO Club at the Open Link’s Penny Auction. The Penny Auction, from my understanding, was a huge raffle where proceeds went to the Open Link, an organization that offers various services to the community.  My job was to help move trays that held the prize’s and buckets for participant’s tickets from table to table. I also handed out prizes to the winners and verified that they indeed had won.

During the four hours of my volunteer work, I didn’t sit down once, was constantly given a job, and only had a brief intermission time. Yes, by the end of the shift, my feet hurt and I all I wanted to do was go home and lay down in bed. But, I realized that within those four hours, my simple jobs of carrying trays and handing out prizes benefited a greater cause. I went home on what I call a “volunteering high”.  After I get done volunteering for any activity that helps people in need or the community, I feel good knowing my actions are helping others with a positive impact. I wish I could volunteer more, but it is difficult with work, school, etc.

So with saying that, taking time out of your schedule can be difficult (let alone hard enough to take time for yourself), but I believe everyone should experience the awesome feeling of giving back by donating some of their time to volunteer work. Even if you can only do one Saturday afternoon this month, that once-a-month time is still something to celebrate. Volunteering can open doors to new possibilities and to meet new people. Also, volunteering can even make you feel better about your life and cherish what you normally take for granted.

If you are reading this and know of great, local organizations in Pennsylvania that willingly take volunteers, please send me a URL Link or contact information in the form below. I am thinking about establishing a “Volunteer Contact/Information” page on this website for people who are interested in getting involved more with the community.

Thanks for stopping by!