1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go

Quick post - Today was my last full day on campus for the first semester and the bittersweet feeling hit me like a brick. I am so glad finals are over and so ready to begin my next set of classes, but my freshman year is already going by so fast. I wish time would … Continue reading 1 Semester Down, 7 More To Go


Complex Life of Having Two Homes

As Friday night rolled in, one by one my college campus became smaller in number and I overwhelmingly felt a twinge of blue fill my heart. Home is defined as the place where one lives permanently. As a verb, home can be defined (as to an animal) when one returns by instinct to its territory. … Continue reading Complex Life of Having Two Homes

A Sign of Hope

I am going to be super real and honest with this post - lately  I have been struggling emotionally with the thought of growing up and going to college. I know, this is normal thoughts and feelings of a recently turned 18 year old. However, this has been effecting my family as well. My  mother … Continue reading A Sign of Hope

Dragonfly Spotting – College Orientation

Hi everyone! I apologize for how long it has been since my last post, I haven't really found the time or energy to write down my thoughts until now. With that being said, last week someone on my Facebook post asked me write about my college journey and it just so happened to be the … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – College Orientation