Moving On

Hello my fellow WordPress users and followers, I have been absent from this blog for a reason and I am here to share this with you today. I have ultimately decided to start my blog from scratch on a whole new platform. I am sad to say the vision I had for my personal blog … Continue reading Moving On


Liebster Award

I have been nominated again this week for the Liebster Award by High Noon Journal. Thank you so much girl, I appreciate the support and recognition you have given me yet again this week. Riya, creator of High Noon Journal, is a 20-year-old medical student in China. I love reading her posts and she seems very … Continue reading Liebster Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Earlier today I was nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" by High Noon Journal. I would like to thank you - Riya - for nominating me, I hope you are having a blast in China! Now I know these blog awards are not serious titles, however, it is still fun to participate and recognize other … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

The Awesome Blogger Award

The sweet soul I introduced before, lifeonplanetearth2017, nominated me for yet another blogger award and I am so happy!!! NOW FOR THE RULES: Thank the person who nominated you Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader Answer the questions your nominator gave you Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers Give your nominees 10 new questions … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award

A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Saturday night, my cousin and his girlfriend were heading to a concert in Camden and asked if I could watch their new puppy, Coco. Of course I was delighted, a whole night of puppy time. However, I got an unexpected surprise out of the visit. My cousin and his girlfriend recently moved in to … Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Sign of Hope

I am going to be super real and honest with this post - lately  I have been struggling emotionally with the thought of growing up and going to college. I know, this is normal thoughts and feelings of a recently turned 18 year old. However, this has been effecting my family as well. My  mother … Continue reading A Sign of Hope

Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Last night around 7 p.m., my boyfriend and I went fishing at one of our favorite spots along our local creek, a  huge rock that we like to call our "special/secret place" (trust me, we know it isn't very secret) The water was high and muddy, due to recent storms, but overall in good enough … Continue reading Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Milestone Celebration

Hello everyone, I woke up to a very kind surprise that I would like to share with the blogging universe. I now have, officially, over 50 followers!! 🙂 This may seem like a small accomplishment, I believe it still needs to be celebrated. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my … Continue reading Milestone Celebration