2 Weeks Dairy Free – My Experience

Two days ago marked 14 days of me going dairy free - I am so proud of myself and so happy with my results. On day one of deciding to go dairy free, my cystic acne across my chin was newly formed and super inflamed. My skin was unhappy and bright red like a Christmas … Continue reading 2 Weeks Dairy Free – My Experience


7 Days Dairy Free

Hello everyone, today marks seven whole days of being dairy free!! Okay - seven days doesn't seem too long, like that is only a week of no dairy. However, I am a young adult whose favorite foods consist of grilled cheese, pizza, and a sh*t ton of creamer in my coffee (the sweeter, the better!!) … Continue reading 7 Days Dairy Free

Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone, I wanted to write one more blog post before I begin studying my butt off for finals week! 🙂 Yesterday I experienced my first snowfall while on campus and I was joyful. Regardless of how much I tend to despise snow in the later months of Winter, especially when I am digging my car … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st

So, I spotted my second dragonfly of the summer yesterday afternoon. I saw it fly by when my mom and I were on our way to a dermatologist appointment. For anyone who knows me, I struggle with acne. At the time, I got excited about seeing the dragonfly, but didn't really understand the significance of … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st