The Dragonfly is a personal blog which was built upon the foundation of my combined love for writing and my ever increasing spirituality. I created this blog with one purpose in mind: to help others who are on the verge of spiritually awakening as well.


I am only a dabbler in the vast world of spirituality and am nothing more than a young, interested soul who is learning the basics.

Although my goal through this blog is to teach others, I am very open to others teaching as well. Please, visit my contact page in the header and message me any tips, suggestions, or corrections (I am not always perfect!)


“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung


If you stumble upon this blog and happen to relate to my stories and benefit from my spiritual advice, then please, feel free to like, comment, follow, and share.

Nothing in this world means more to me than others believing in my capabilities and thriving from spiritual growth.