Story of How 2 Hours Felt Like a Lifetime

To begin – no this is not a very serious post.

However, the amount of weird and odd things that occurred today has legitimately blown my mind.

It all started when my roommate Courtney needed to ship back her textbooks and I offered to go with to give directions to the UPS store that I had just been to yesterday.

Everything was fine until I told her to take an exit too soon and we were off course.

We pulled over in a shopping center to recalculate our GPS to the closet UPS store. Yet again, we took another wrong turn.

As we began to merge into heavy traffic on some unknown highway, two big tractor trailers were in the right side lane, unable to merge to the left to allow us on.

Let me tell you – not a fun experience having to stop mid-merge and swerve kind of off the road towards the guardrail.

Yes, we were fine. However, the challenge began when realizing we have to merge while we are at 0 MPH, meanwhile traffic is at 70 MPH and we are literally on the edge of the road.

Update: we made it.

10 minutes later we arrived with our destination on our left: a row of suburban houses and no UPS store.

Apparently, this UPS store is simply non-existent as we drove around the block.

Defeated and confused, we stopped for gas at the closest station.

We sat and laughed over how long it was taking us to find a UPS store as we turned to Google to help us find the closest one (again).

Another fifteen minutes later, in the next town over, we finally found a damn UPS store.

We were so giddy at ourselves about how getting to a UPS store took us a good hour, we decided to go to the closest outlet to look at a few stores (or really to stall studying!)

After the store, since it was way past lunch time at our campus food court, we decided to stop at a cute cafe to eat.

Update: stopping at the cafe to eat probably was not a good choice.

As we tried entering the building, we had an odd run in with a local resident – let’s just say it made us giggle uncomfortably.

Our waitress at the cafe was a tad rude and the overall vibe of the cafe just felt off.

The elderly couples in the booths near us had serious staring issues too.

After we ate, I just wanted to leave, fast.

The weird part about the whole thing was the fact that we were gone from 1:15 to 3:15 PM.

This whole odd adventure had literally only been two hours long and I can not explain the amount of disbelief I had when I realized this.

We were all over the place driving, even sat down to eat, but literally had the weirdest day of my life – that was only two hours long.

I don’t know about you, maybe I am just tired, but what a weird day. Wish me luck on my last two finals.


Abigail ❤


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