7 Days Dairy Free

Hello everyone, today marks seven whole days of being dairy free!!

Okay – seven days doesn’t seem too long, like that is only a week of no dairy. However, I am a young adult whose favorite foods consist of grilled cheese, pizza, and a sh*t ton of creamer in my coffee (the sweeter, the better!!)

Before I dive too deep into my experience thus far, I want to explain why I chose to go down this path.

About two years ago, my face broke out in cystic acne along my forehead, chin and jaw line. My senior year of high school was the worst I have ever had it.

Cystic acne is different from a regular pimple. Cystic acne is hormonal and forms deep beneath the skin, which means it lingers longer and can be very stubborn to go away (also super, super painful to touch!)

A month before going to college this year, I was prescribed an 100 mg oral antibiotic called Doxycycline Hyclate. Doxy is supposed to help tame the bacteria that helps aid cystic acne flare ups, as well as, excessive inflammation.

The antibiotic was working WONDERS for my skin, it was almost cleared up 100%, but that’s when the pill gave pill-induced esophagitis.

Pill-induced esophagitis (sounds fake, I know), but let me tell you, it felt ALL too real. Esophagitis is when your esophagus becomes inflamed and the tissues are damaged along the tube.

Image result for esophagitis

For two weeks I could not eat anything, let alone breath deeply, without have a sharp pain radiating from the center of my chest outwards. I had to stop taking the pill immediately and avoid caffeine, harsh grains, and acid based foods.

For those two weeks I survived off water, plain yogurt, and soup. I was miserable, lost a ton of weight, and scared to start the pill again.

So, after talking to my dermatologist, we agreed to stick to simply topical antibiotic cream treatments ( 5% Benzoyle Peroxide). That is when my acne slowly crept back into my life and my self-esteem left.

I never realized how badly my acne made me feel until my face was clear and those first cystic pimples appeared again.

So fast forward to two weeks ago, I stumbled across online platfroms where people were discussing how their acne never went away from dermatologist prescriptions until they cut out dairy from their diet.

People claim that since cystic acne is hormonally triggered acne, that the extra hormones that are found in dairy can also add or trigger cystic acne. So, the more dairy you consume, the more acne that can appear on your face.

While I was doing research, the idea of cutting out dairy seemed daunting and painful. I love cheese, let me clarify, I LOVE CHEESE. But, I love being acne free even more, so that was the tipping point.

That very next day, I cut dairy completely. All the snacks in my cabinet that contain milk or dairy products was given to my boyfriend to have.

I started substituting milk with almond and soy milk. I purchased non-dairy protein bars for after working out. I eliminated all cheese from my sandwiches and now only drinking soy lattes and tea for caffeine purposes.

For seven whole days now I have been dairy free and I am so ecstatic/proud of myself.

Most people said they did not see much of a difference in their acne from doing dairy free until the official two-week mark.

Though it has only been seven days, I have noticed my current acne looks less inflamed and smaller – as if they are in the process of healing.

When it comes to my two-week mark, I will post an update on my skin’s condition.

For now – just want to say that I am so proud of myself for sticking with his goal and hopefully my acne will improve.


Abigail ❤



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