Magical Trip to Lancaster, PA

Hello everyone! Last Saturday was full of unexpected surprises and I wanted to share the enchanting details of it all. 🙂

For those who don’t know, Lancaster is approximately 50 minutes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s State Capitol.

My roommates and I never quite considered the thought of taking a trip to Lancaster until I stumbled upon  a quaint cafe on social media called The Rabbit & The Dragonfly.

As soon as I read the cafe’s name and saw a peak of the interior from a video on Snapchat, I was hooked. I needed to go to this cafe, so I immediately asked my roommates if they wanted to take a Saturday to go venture out and they agreed.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit a cafe infused bookstore that is modeled after the early twentieth century English writers?!? (I knew I was destined with the dragonfly in its name too)

When we arrived at the shopping center where the cafe was located in, I got butterflies.

The atmosphere was rich and enchanting, filled of old brick buildings with maze-like halls leading you blindly to the next shop.

As we climbed down the stairs, there was the cafe nestled in hiding, and it was as beautiful as I imagined.

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The inside met my expectations – mellow and soothing, yet dark like a cup of straight black coffee.

Books upon books lined the side of the hall as my roommates and I took in the uniqueness of it all.

A rich cappuccino and atmosphere made up for my some-what decently cold grilled cheese. I didn’t care for the food, I cared for the magical elements and delicious coffee, of course.

As we wrapped up our cafe visit, I was sad to leave so soon, however I had no idea of the adventures to still come.

The shopping center was a literal maze of brick shops that weaved you in and would then spit you back out onto the street.

With each corner my roommates and I turned, we ran into another surprise.

Some of these surprises were crystal healing stores, something I would have never expected to be located there. Not only did we run into one metaphysical shop, but TWO.

TWO metaphysical shops located in the same vicinity of the coolest cafe ever, like seriously? Where has this place been my whole life!

The stores were packed with gorgeous crystals and metaphysical aids, I was simply so in love.

I could have spent the whole day bouncing back and forth between the cafe and metaphysical shops if I was allowed.

We also stumbled upon various clothing boutiques, thrift stores, and a cupcake shop (we all agreed Lancaster Cupcakes was the best we’ve ever had!!)

The trip to Lancaster was so much more than I originally hoped for. Spending the entire day with roommates was a blessing and I felt our souls connecting even more than before.


Yes, the day did have it’s difficulties – the stress of driving to the destination and getting lost in a parking garage (the car was on level 4, not 3 apparently).

In the end, I am so glad my roommates and I took the time to venture past our campus boundaries. (Thanks guys, I love you!)

As soon as winter break is over, you bet we are heading back to the little brick cafe full of mysteries.


Abigail ❤


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