Creativity’s Flow

If you are reading this post right now: Hi, how are you?

I hope you are good, as I am doing swell too.

Whether this is the first time you are visiting my blog, or not, I’d like to share the thoughts that have been bubbling in my brain the past week.

I have felt lost.

No, not psychologically (Hi mom, I am fine) , I mean lost within my own mind where my creativity has no single outlet that can keep the energy flowing.

I want to write.

I want to share my thoughts, passions, hopes, dreams. 

I am lost in the sense that I want to make this blog successful with my writing pieces, but never know how.

My personal interests seem to not mesh well with the vast platforms I have attempted.

I feel as if my creative mind is connected to an old outlet that can only spark the light with untimely electrical surges; no constant flow.

I have decided to make my blog’s theme neutral, where I can create to my own content of personal narratives and spirit – without the heavy cloud of trying to please those around me.

I am here to allow my energy to flow in the way that I wish it to, providing my writing and wondering mind a brand new outlet for once.

I plan on going to an exciting place tomorrow with my dear friends, I wish to write about the experience for my next post on Sunday.

Come back soon … xoxo,

– Abigail ❤



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