Milestone Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful evening ❤

Not too long ago I was celebrating over 50 WordPress followers and now, I am only five away from 100 followers!!

I know these numbers may appear small to most, but to me, almost reaching 100 followers is amazing. Creating and maintaining a blog is not as easy as you’d think. It takes time, effort, and thought into creating quality posts that people will enjoy and share with others.

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination” – William Longwood

For those who read and keep up with my blog, I am super excited for you to be apart of this spiritual journey with me. This is just the start of, hopefully, a successful blog! 🙂

Stick with me, I plan on posting more as my first semester as a college freshman comes to an end in early December.

My recent posts can be found here:

Leave any questions or statements in the comment section below!

-Abigail 🙂


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