Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling

Last night around 7 p.m., my boyfriend and I went fishing at one of our favorite spots along our local creek, a  huge rock that we like to call our "special/secret place" (trust me, we know it isn't very secret) The water was high and muddy, due to recent storms, but overall in good enough … Continue reading Amateur Fishing Requires Giggling


Milestone Celebration

Hello everyone, I woke up to a very kind surprise that I would like to share with the blogging universe. I now have, officially, over 50 followers!! 🙂 This may seem like a small accomplishment, I believe it still needs to be celebrated. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my … Continue reading Milestone Celebration

Autumn, I Miss You

The past two mornings have been refreshing - cool and breezy - and it is torturing me. Summer is thrilling as a kid, but after countless cycles of blistering heat followed by nasty thunderstorms,  I get sick of it. I am constantly sweating if I am not enclosed in an air-conditioned space and my hair … Continue reading Autumn, I Miss You

Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone! Earlier today, fellow blogger lifeonplanetearth2017 nominated me for the "Blogger Recognition Award" and let's just say, this melted my heart! I want to give a HUGE thank you to this sweet soul for adding my blog to his nominee list, honestly made my night. lifeonplanetearth2017 's blog is filled with endless thoughts of (you … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

Spiritual Signs

Last night around 10 P.M., I was driving home from my boyfriend's house, which is normally a 10-15 minute drive. However, when I first started driving, I felt an unusual tug at my seat belt, as if it had suddenly gotten tighter against my body. The tug's presence was strong enough to make me reevaluate … Continue reading Spiritual Signs

Dragonflies, 18th Birthday, & Aruba

So, today is my 18th birthday! I am officially a legal adult and I am so excited. I also was able to wake up on my birthday in Aruba, who gets to do that? We had a whole day of fun planned out. At 8:25 AM my family and I got picked up to go on … Continue reading Dragonflies, 18th Birthday, & Aruba

Aruba & Dragonflies

The first two days of my family vacation to Aruba have been great. The water is crystal clear, people are so friendly, drinks are fruity and the weather is gorgeous. First off, I do want to start this post by sharing some exciting news. On Saturday morning, my family and I woke up at 3:45 … Continue reading Aruba & Dragonflies

Traveling & Spirituality

Tomorrow morning, I will be traveling out of the country for the first time in my life. Before I dive too far into that subject, I want cover something that a psychic from Sedona, Arizona wrote down for me two years ago. I am a big believer in psychics. Now I know that there are … Continue reading Traveling & Spirituality

Dragonfly Spotting – College Orientation

Hi everyone! I apologize for how long it has been since my last post, I haven't really found the time or energy to write down my thoughts until now. With that being said, last week someone on my Facebook post asked me write about my college journey and it just so happened to be the … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – College Orientation