Little Things

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting outside on a blanket writing my newest blog post, my Aunt Jen texted me. It was a simple text, but the significance of it touched my heart. It's no secret I admire dragonflies, I think they are beautiful and mysterious. I have a dragonfly decal sticker on my car, … Continue reading Little Things


One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

This past week, the people who I am thankful to call my best friends and I rented a house in Big Bass Lake for one week. Our generation likes to call this, "Senior Week", a time where a group of friends act grown-up, get together for a week full of partying, laughter, and fun. Being … Continue reading One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

Dragonfly Spotting – June 13th

Today, I woke up at 6 A.M to go home from Sea Isle City. I was very anxious at the thought of driving home alone. Two and a half hours of just me, my GPS, and traffic. This was my first time driving through Philly to New Jersey, so yeah, I was a nervous wreck. … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – June 13th

Accepting Mistakes – My Realization

Tomorrow I have one of the biggest milestones in my life thus far. Tomorrow I graduate high school. I will be a high school graduate. The thought of stepping on stage to receive my diploma blows my mind. Wasn't I just a little kid sipping on a Popsicle and hanging around with my neighborhood friends? … Continue reading Accepting Mistakes – My Realization

Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st

So, I spotted my second dragonfly of the summer yesterday afternoon. I saw it fly by when my mom and I were on our way to a dermatologist appointment. For anyone who knows me, I struggle with acne. At the time, I got excited about seeing the dragonfly, but didn't really understand the significance of … Continue reading Dragonfly Spotting – June 1st

Advice For Your Transformation

Like one of my best friend's said the other day, people really do change within four years. The idea of it is kinda scary, but it's also empowering and motivational. Personally, I have changed tremendously throughout my four years of high school and I am so glad. Within four years, I changed socially, physically, and mentally. … Continue reading Advice For Your Transformation