Blog Ideas?

Hello to all!

I wanted to write this quick post to see if anyone would like to give me ideas as to what  I should blog more about?

Please, comment on this post to share your ideas with me. Visit my contact page as well with questions or concerns.

Curious to see what you guys come up with!


“What Would You Change in the World?”

Late last night, Instagram user @loving_vibrations commented on my post and asked: “If you could change anything in the world right now, what would it be?”

The question hung in my mind for a moment, as I thought to myself, “What would I change?” I love the question because it challenges me to form a single conclusion to a very broad and difficult topic. A lot of ideas popped into my mind, but a lot of them varied and differed. However, one thing that was a common occurrence throughout all the issues that I thought of was the disappointment I have when people make fun of others for doing what they believe in.

In my personal opinion, I believe everyone is too inclined to do what is considered “cool”, “the thing to do”, “norm”, or “popular”.  To be honest, I have my own episodes of this, I think almost everyone has dealt with this feeling of “Oh I want or need to do this specific thing because everyone else is too”. I honestly think it is kind of bullcrap (sorry haha).

I want more people to do things that make them happy. Don’t go out, party, and get drunk when you would much rather curl up and watch a scary movie. I want this social stigma of doing what’s cool or popular to go down the drain. Whatever makes you happy, makes you happy. No one should get mistreated for being who they are.

I think this spectrum of doing what makes you happy and not sticking to the “norm” falls under a lot of categories. I feel this way towards the LGBTQ, my advice to you guys honestly, love who you love. If someone walks out of your life when you are simply being true to how you feel, they do not deserve to be in your light.

As long as you are not hurting yourself or others, let your soul be free. If you want to start a YouTube channel about skateboarding, do it. If you want to pursue a career as a chemist, do it. Just do it. Do not let social stigmas or other people’s opinions of you matter.

I think this topic also bounces off of the dragonflies symbolism of a deeper meaning of life and self-realization. You will not reach your full potential by sitting around, doing what others consider “cool” if that is not your passion, hobby, or dream. You will not be true to yourself until you break down the barriers and do what is right for you.

Do not worry if what you want or like to do is “popular” or “cool”. I bet whatever trend is going on now, won’t be so “cool” in a few months or so.

Just enjoy yourself, you’ve only got this moment now. So yeah, that is what I would change in the world right  now.


Appreciating Loved Ones

So, two days ago I had my graduation on my mom’s side and it was hectic. My whole family, boyfriend, and I were running around all day trying to set up since 8 A.M. All I could think about was “Boy, I am tired.”

By the time I showered, picked out a cute outfit, and did my makeup, I realized it was already time for people to start showing up. Considering I had been on my feet all day, I was stressed out.

However, I remembered earlier in the day how a huge dragonfly actually flew into our house due to the back door being wide open and I stopped, stared, and was full of excitement to see the biggest dragonfly I’ve seen this summer. While remembering that feeling of awe and excitement, I thought to myself, “snap out of this mood dude, be happy, everyone coming took time out of their day to celebrate you!”. That’s when I started really forgetting all the trouble throughout the day, getting excited, and greeting people.

My graduation party also taught me another lesson that I hope I won’t forget. That lesson is that I am truly, deeply loved by many, whether it be friends or family. Everyone that showed up had a big smile on their face, an open embrace, and the excitement to talk about my future plans.

Even though I was socially and physically exhausted by the end of the night, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I was more open to people than I have been in a really long time. I left all fear of being socially awkward or embarrassing with the dragonfly that flew out my backdoor before the party.

Again, if you are reading this and attended my party, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to celebrate me and my accomplishments. It means so much to me, truly.  I tried to talk to everyone as much as I could.

To my parents and boyfriend, thank you for dealing with my moodiness when I get overly stressed out like I did at times throughout the day. Thank you for putting so much effort into a party I will never forget and will also be in my heart.

To everyone else, appreciate those beautiful souls who surround you. Pay more attention to them and the things they do for you, always say thank you as well.

Dragonfly Spotting – June 23

Tomorrow I have my high school graduation party and I’m really excited, but also very stressed out. There is a lot going on around the house to get ready for the number of people coming. Cleaning, setting up, buying supplies – you know the drill.

Thank God I have my mom and step-dad doing the bulk of the heavy work, I would be lost without them, but I am helping out the best I can by running errands and assisting in any work needed.

To be quite frank, I am a true introvert – I value my alone time, peace, and quiet in order to recharge my energy. Today, I had to run a few errands, take my siblings to work and camp, going to the store, and helping around the house. By the time 3:30 P.M.  came around to pick up my sister, I was getting a little flustered. To me, it felt like I had been running around all day. Then I realized, my mom has been doing so much more the past week for this and she is doing all this preparing for me. Why was I being so off in my feelings?

On the way back from picking my sister up from camp, a dragonfly flew in front of my windshield and I knew that being mildly cranky this afternoon was a little dramatic. It hit me that I needed to reevaluate the situation I was mentally putting myself in and to take a step back.

I have so much good going on in my life and for it all to be blinded by my flustered feelings is nonsense. My advice to you is to also take a moment and reevaluate the situation you are in. Is it really that bad?

Little Things

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting outside on a blanket writing my newest blog post, my Aunt Jen texted me. It was a simple text, but the significance of it touched my heart.

It’s no secret I admire dragonflies, I think they are beautiful and mysterious. I have a dragonfly decal sticker on my car, different items depicting dragonflies, and I even got a dragonfly design on my nails so I knew I had some on me for graduation.

So, to have someone see a dragonfly and think of me, is something really spiritual and amazing. Receiving this text randomly at 1:04 in the afternoon made my day. The moment was great knowing that the dragonfly’s presence made my aunt’s day better too.

The text from my aunt also made me realize how I appreciate random acts of kindness or love. For example, before I dropped my brother off at work today, I took him to Dunkin’ Donuts for a treat. I even tried to pay for the person behind me in line, but to my luck, they had already paid beforehand on their mobile app.

Although I do struggle or complain about always helping out with my immediate family running errands and taking people places, I secretly love knowing that I helped them in a small way and possibly made their life easier.

My advice to you is to do more for others, the rewarding feeling is something to hold onto. Don’t be afraid to randomly text or call someone to say nice things to or to say you miss them.

Life is about the little things and before you know it, you’re going to wish you paid more attention to those little texts and small acts of kindness.


One Last “Hoorah” – Dedicated to My Best Friends

This past week, the people who I am thankful to call my best friends and I rented a house in Big Bass Lake for one week. Our generation likes to call this, “Senior Week”, a time where a group of friends act grown-up, get together for a week full of partying, laughter, and fun.

Being in Big Bass Lake, otherwise known as the Pocono Mountains, my group of friends and I took an unpopular path. Instead of going to the beach, we decided to be adventurous and take a chance with a house on a lake in the middle of nowhere.

As the week went on, reality started to slowly phase in. The people who I spent almost every high school day with – who I laughed, cried, fought, and made memories with – will all go separate ways. The people who built a good chunk of my soul will no longer be there to crack jokes with before class starts or be a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong.

The whole week, to me, symbolized one last final “hoorah” with my best friends. Seven days of pure fun and freedom, a time where we could be ourselves and share another part of our souls.

Needless to say, our house was surrounded by dragonflies. Dragonflies buzzed all around, especially at the lakeside where we rode canoes nd played volleyball. I knew that the dragonflies present at our lake house were no coincidence. 

The dragonflies assured me that growing up and moving on is simply life. Branching out from my high school friends is necessary in order for my soul, our souls, to grow. My best friends and I, all ten of us, are moving onto a huge milestone. A time of change, light in our lives, and new experiences.  However, this does not mean that they are gone forever.

To my best friends – if we lose contact during our college years, know that you are always with me. For you have imprinted your soul onto mine, I will forever be grateful for the time spent together (even if we were fighting). I hope you find people who accept you for who you are and never take them for granted. I love all of you.

To anyone reading this post – I hope this resonated with you in some shape or form. Moving on to bigger and better things is daunting, but have faith. Everything happens for a reason.

Dragonfly Spotting – Spin Class

June 22nd – This morning was one of those times when all you want to do is ignore your annoying alarm and cuddle back up in your sea of blankets for a couple more hours. My body was begging me to not get up, to stay a little longer in the comfort of my own bed, and to dream a little more.

I was planning on getting up to go to the 8:30 A.M. spin class at the YMCA, a class my family and I love to attend. Once my alarm went off at 7 A.M., I thought, “Do I really have to go?”

By the time 7:45 A.M. rolled around,  I knew it was get up now or you won’t make it. That’s when I jumped out of bed and starting rushing around my house in order to leave on time.

The class was tiring, yet got my blood pumping, sweat dripping, and mentally prepared for the day. Once I stepped outside, started walking towards my car, quads sore, I thought again, “Thank God I didn’t listen to my urge to stay in bed all day”.

Just then, a dragonfly buzzed around the cars and fluttered for a bit before it zipped off. I knew it was there to tell me I did the right thing, fighting off my urge to not better myself physically.

I decided to treat myself to a delicious protein shake at Tribe Nutrition for my hard-work. I always complain about my body image and today, I took another step in the right direction even when I didn’t want to at first.

My advice to you is to fight your inner doubt and do things that will make you uncomfortable. Just go for it and I promise you will not regret it.


Dragonfly Spotting – June 13th

Today, I woke up at 6 A.M to go home from Sea Isle City. I was very anxious at the thought of driving home alone. Two and a half hours of just me, my GPS, and traffic. This was my first time driving through Philly to New Jersey, so yeah, I was a nervous wreck.

Once I had hit I-76 towards West Philly, my GPS route lit up bright red, the whole route was just a cherry, dooming red glow. As soon as I hit the beginning of the red, I thought to myself, “Wow, I just want to go home”… 

The stopping and starting was starting to irritate me and there was no one to vent to. No one next to me to help me figure out what exits to take, if I should try to merge, no one riding shot-gun to change songs. I felt lonely sitting in a sea of cars.

My GPS kept ringing with different routes that could save me two or five minutes, which led me through a journey of Philly’s best, like the ZOO.

By the time I had gotten back onto the PA Turnpike, I realized that I was super frazzled and anxious to the point where I was shaking a little. That might sound dramatic, but this is coming from a girl who lives on country back roads and doesn’t have to deal with traffic and honking, ever.

Once I got off the turnpike exit and was in my familiar surroundings, I thought to myself, “Wow, I just did that.” I was able to conquer my anxiety and not break down while trying to do something that honestly scared me.

As I was celebrating my little victory, I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee. After I had ordered, a huge dragonfly darted around my open window. In that moment in time, I knew that the emotions I was feeling about accomplishing my fear was true. I have grown a little tougher by driving home from the shore by myself. That means a lot to me, even if you think it is a silly accomplishment.

Dragonfly Spotting – June 10th

On Saturday while I was setting up for my graduation party on my dad’s side of the family, a big, black dragonfly buzzed around me and my graduation cake for a couple of minutes.

Having this dragonfly’s presence at that moment in time made me feel at peace. The dragonfly reminded me that I needed to understand the changes and transformation of myself and for those who surrounded me that day.

My graduation party was combined with my cousin Richie, who also is a part of the class of 2017. Richie and I are both moving into a whole new chapter. Opening our lives to newer and bigger things is daunting, especially for Richie, who will be entering boot camp soon.

Anxiety always creeps up on me when I start thinking about the future, situations with friends and family. The dragonfly that danced around me that day made me comfortable in the situation I was in, draining my anxiety from my mind, and simply allowing me to celebrate my accomplishment with an easy mind.

The change of graduating high school and moving on from all the familiarity that I call home and routine is numbing, yet thrilling at the same time. As long as my dragonflies appear when I need them, I will always keep reminding myself that change leads to an ultimate transformation that is necessary for the soul’s journey.

Your journey is everlasting, allow spiritual signs or symbols light the pathway of confusion, doubt, or anxiety. Clear your mind and look at the world with open eyes. 



Accepting Mistakes – My Realization

Tomorrow I have one of the biggest milestones in my life thus far. Tomorrow I graduate high school. I will be a high school graduate.

The thought of stepping on stage to receive my diploma blows my mind. Wasn’t I just a little kid sipping on a Popsicle and hanging around with my neighborhood friends?

In two months I will be off to college pursuing my dream. But what keeps running through my mind is, “How did it go by so fast?” and “Man, I have changed so much since first stepping into this school”.

Every day leading up to hearing my name called at graduation has been paved with mistakes. Small, dumb, and even big mistakes. Those mistakes sucked at times, but they taught me lessons that evidently lead me to this amazing milestone.

It is human nature to make mistakes. Own them, accept them, and move on from them. Mistakes are learning experiences, even the smallest of ones can teach you valuable life lessons.

Mistakes also don’t ever go away. You can be 44 years old and still make mistakes that could hurt you.

Just today at graduation practice, I realized I had decorated my grad cap upside down. Sounds a little silly to get upset by that, but I honestly felt very foolish. However, instead of sitting around and sulking in my tiny mistake, I redid my cap and fixed it to the best of my abilities. (Below is my fixed version. Now I know for college graduation how to decorate them correctly!!)


“Learn to love who you are through fixing your mistakes and owning up to them, whether it be big or small.”