Treating Yourself

So, I wanted to write this short blog post on the topic of “Treating Yourself”. I feel as if everyone gets so wrapped up in making other people happy or content, especially parents (of course), that we forget what it is like to actually treat ourselves to what we enjoy. Just yesterday, I decided to go get a gel manicure, order a new journal, and schedule a hair appointment. News flash, I’ve never felt better. 

With being so busy all the time, running here and running there, I forgot what it was like to treat myself to the things I genuinely enjoy. Granted, the things I planned for did cost me money. However, my newly trimmed hair will last me months and my new journal for reporting will last me a long time too. So, with that being said, I think everyone should take this next holiday-filled week to reflect on what makes you happy and do it.  Want to take some time and pick up the newest book you’ve been dying to read? Do it. Feel like you’ve gone too long without your favorite makeup product? Go shopping. Been anxious to purchase that new video game? Buy it.

I am not saying money leads to happiness, but sometimes it is necessary to take the time and money to invest in yourself for once. If you are a hardworking student, coworker, boss, etc., you deserve to “Treat Yo’self” as Donna and Tom would say on Parks and Recreation (great tv show btw).

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Volunteering Works Wonders

Hello to all, I wanted write this quick blog post about helping others and how great volunteering can be for the community and yourself.

The other night, I was finally able to take time out of my schedule and volunteer for the high school’s LEO Club at the Open Link’s Penny Auction. The Penny Auction, from my understanding, was a huge raffle where proceeds went to the Open Link, an organization that offers various services to the community.  My job was to help move trays that held the prize’s and buckets for participant’s tickets from table to table. I also handed out prizes to the winners and verified that they indeed had won.

During the four hours of my volunteer work, I didn’t sit down once, was constantly given a job, and only had a brief intermission time. Yes, by the end of the shift, my feet hurt and I all I wanted to do was go home and lay down in bed. But, I realized that within those four hours, my simple jobs of carrying trays and handing out prizes benefited a greater cause. I went home on what I call a “volunteering high”.  After I get done volunteering for any activity that helps people in need or the community, I feel good knowing my actions are helping others with a positive impact. I wish I could volunteer more, but it is difficult with work, school, etc.

So with saying that, taking time out of your schedule can be difficult (let alone hard enough to take time for yourself), but I believe everyone should experience the awesome feeling of giving back by donating some of their time to volunteer work. Even if you can only do one Saturday afternoon this month, that once-a-month time is still something to celebrate. Volunteering can open doors to new possibilities and to meet new people. Also, volunteering can even make you feel better about your life and cherish what you normally take for granted.

If you are reading this and know of great, local organizations in Pennsylvania that willingly take volunteers, please send me a URL Link or contact information in the form below. I am thinking about establishing a “Volunteer Contact/Information” page on this website for people who are interested in getting involved more with the community.

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Taking Care of Yourself

Hi guys, I wanted to write this blog tonight for all the other busy bees in this world just like me. Day to-day life can drag on and stress can easily consume, if you let it. However, I think we need to realize that we are human and can only do so much in a 24 hour span.

As a young teenager, I may not have the strenuous responsibilities of an adult, such as paying bills or raising kids, but I do understand that by the time 10 o’clock at night comes around, I’m simply exhausted from the day. We are constantly on a schedule and we can’t just drop our duties or skip work to go to a luxurious spa and be pampered for a day or two. However, we do need to understand that there are little things we can do everyday to help slow down and remember that we need to take care of ourselves first, before anything else.

First off, recognize the major stress factors in your life and the impact these have on your health, mood, etc. When I say that, I refer to how stress is defined by “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”  and everybody on earth has experienced such a state of mind. Stress can easily change our lifestyles, but we must realize that we are in control of our paths. For example, if you are going through a breakup and the emotional stress is creating a heavy impact on your regular work ethic or social life, do you really think staring at old pictures and text messages is going to solve the past and grow as a person? Or, if you recently just landed a new job and the hours are crazy hectic and you are frazzled from the work day, do you really think going out and partying until 3 A.M. is going to make the early morning rise for work any better? The answer is simply no. Recognize the stress factors, but more importantly, understand that you can only help yourself. No one is going to make you happy again after a break up or instantly make you less miserable or tired at work unless you take the time to care for yourself and take the time needed to recover. This idea goes for any scenario and no, it is not selfish. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Secondly, recognize the factors in your life that do make you happy and forget about life’s worries. Take the needed time to understand and accept these hobbies, activities, friends, etc. Every little thing that creates joy in your life needs to be cherished and celebrated, for it is healthy for our mental state. Incorporate these things in any small way, whether it be reading for five minutes on the subway or  playing that candy crush game before class starts. However, we need to not let these factors take over to the point where it affects our work, exercise, eating habits, or mental state, just like the stress factors. Balance is key to stress and taking care of yourself.

Lastly, understand that life will never be 100% perfect. It is okay to know that and to accept that life will throw you challenges, some that you may think are impossible to deal with, but these challenges are only here to help us grow as people. Don’t let such challenges consume you with anxiety or stress, for it will only hurt you in the long run. Stress and anxiety should be combated with the things in life that we love, even if that means knitting or skateboarding, whatever it is that helps you relax during the busy days of life.