As you stumble upon this blog, you may be thinking, “What is up with the obsession with dragonflies?“. All I can say is that the meaning behind this simple creature represents a lot that goes on in our day to day lives. We are constantly changing and growing from experiences and new people, things, and ideas. We are not the same person as yesterday and will become moved by something different come tomorrow night. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, especially change, adaptability, lightness of life, and deeper emotion. The very thought of change can terrify to the point of anxiety. However, change should not bring us down or burden us with such haunting thoughts. I wanted to start this blog and base it off the dragonfly for one simple reason. That reason is to understand that change is necessary and in order for us to grow, we must accept the idea whole heartily and understand that the path we are given is no coincidence, ultimately leading us to our transformation.